Equalize 2020 Visiting Entrepreneurs Announced

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In fall 2019, 12 pitch finalists were selected from 57 applicants. Seven applicants who were not chosen to pitch will attend Equalize 2020 as Equalize Visiting Entrepreneurs.

These seven women will attend the symposium and pitch competition, private kick-off gathering and unique networking opportunities throughout the event. Registration fees have been waived for these entrepreneurs.


Equalize 2020 Visiting Entrepreneurs

Susann Brady-Kalnay*
Case Western Reserve University

Olga Lubman
Washington University in St. Louis

Debashree Mukherjea
Southern Illinois University

Karen Norris
University of Georgia

Mary Pilotte
Purdue University

Mary Ruppert-Stroescu
Washington University in St. Louis

Geeta Verma
University of Colorado Denver


*Samatha Oblander will attend as the Case Western Reserve University representative.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list. And thanks for mailing the gift bag with all kinds of swag. I hadn’t gone to my office in the past few months so didn’t know that it was sitting in my office. It was such a pleasant surprise and I am very appreciate of your kind gesture. Thanks again for including me in this process. My startup is still continuing with new users coming onboard. Hope to present my work at a future pitch competition. Thanks. Warm Regards, Geeta (CU Denver)

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