MedTech Pitchers

Guelay Bilen-Rosas
University of Wisconsin

Susann Brady-Kalnay
Case Western Reserve University

Hong Chen
Washington University in St. Louis

Anjelica Gonzalez
Yale University

Anais Rameau
Cornell University

Kyuson Yun
Houston Methodist/Cornell University

Therapeutics Pitchers

Moshmi Bhattacharya
Rutgers University

Angelique Bordey
Yale University

Ashley Brown
North Carolina State University

Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova
University of Kentucky

Ruchi Gupta
Northwestern University

Carrie Perlman
Stevens Institute of Technology


  • Product concept no more than 4 years from IND or product launch
  • At least one presenter holds a pending or issued patent or copyright
  • No formal incorporation required. However, if a startup has been formed, the company should not have raised more than $1M USD
  • Ability to attend at least one, 1-hour Zoom meeting per month January-September 2021
  • Team must include a woman founder with an academic appointment at a research institution
  • Technology is in one of these categories:
    • MedTech 
    • Therapeutics


February 2021
12 pitchers announced, 6 in each category:

  • MedTech
  • Therapeutics

March – April
Pitcher seminars, 1 hr per month

April – Sept.
Pitcher/Mentor monthly 1:1 meetings, 1 hr per month minimum

1 hr practice session

Sept. 22, 2021
Pitch event

2020 (Inaugural Pitchers)

Diagnostics & Medical Devices

Reetuparna Das
University of Michigan
Startup: Sequal
Technology: Ultra-rapid molecular diagnosis of cancer

Melanie Joy
University of Colorado
Katharos, Inc.
Extracorporeal device for optimizing phosphate control in hemodialysis

Sunyoung Kim
Louisiana State UniversitySchool of Medicine & Health Sciences Center
Startup: Chosen Diagnostics Inc.
Technology: Biomarker panel to improve necrotizing enterocolitis diagnosis

Kacey Marra
University of Pittsburgh
Startup: AxoMax Technologies, Inc.
Technology: Biodegradable nerve guide

Sarah Vigmostad
The University of Iowa
Startup: SynderBio, Inc.
Technology: Novel, high-throughput cell separation
techniques for single cell sequencing and cancer diagnosis

Pamela Woodard
Washington University in St. Louis
Startup: GwynTech
Technology: AtheroBrite


Alexis Demonbreun
Northwestern University
Ikaika Therapeutics
Genetic modifiers of muscle disease as therapeutic targets

Barbara Ehrlich
Yale University
Startup: Center Pharm
Technology: A new target for treatment of Wolfram Syndrome

Yiping Han
Columbia University
Technology: Novel therapeutics to treat familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP)

Sandhya Kortagere
Drexel University
Technology: A disease modifying and neuroprotective agent to treat Parkinson’s disease

Martina Roos
University of California, Los Angeles
Startup: Sardona Therapeutics
Technology: Small molecules targeting RNA regulators in cancer stem cells

Judith Sebolt-Leopold
University of Michigan
Startup: Mekanistic Therapeutics
Technology: A first-in-class therapeutic targeting deregulation of EGFR and PI3K